The best BOT Instagram 2019: discover the new ranking!

I have tested the main Bot Instagram using the same set of parameters for each one. I wrote a ranking ased on effectiveness, price, ease of use and functionality. The winner he amazed me.

Have you ever used a Bot Instagram?
Whatever your answer, I suggest you try the first in the ranking. Because it's the easiest to use and because it's what made me grow more.
Easy from the beginning, in fact you can see how it is also without entering your username and password. Then if you like it, go ahead and go to the free trial without inserting a credit card. What do you want more?

So far I have taught you the best way to use hashtags, stories and photo editing apps. All in order to have more followers and likes, but now it's time to put the turbo to your growth.

Bot Instagram: what is it?

Instagram bot icon

The Bot Instagram can be a tool, a software, a site, an app, a web app. It is designed to perform automatically operations with your Instagram profile: Like, Follow, Unfollow, Direct and comments.
Why all this? Very easy, to stimulate positive reactions to your profile.
For example: if
you add 400 people in a day is likely to the 10% they reciprocate the favor and add you in turn. Result? 40 new followers real ready for you. The mechanism applied is that of follow-back which is replicated with the same logic also for likes and comments.
Do not you believe it? Try it yourself. I'll give you 10 minutes.

Ok, the time is up. I bet you got tired of adding all those profiles one by one, giving like and leaving comments.
Here, now you understand why there are
Bot instagram: to do this job automatically in your place and increase followers and likes faster and in a short time.

Look at the ranking

Instagram Bot: how to set.

The very first thing you need to do is enter your username and password, your Instagram account to authorize the Bot to run the automations for you. If the bot does not work try a disable two-factor authentication that you find inside the Instagram settings.
Please, use only the Instagram Bot which declare to treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.

Ok, before you start asking yourself this question: "what's my
target?" Carefully choose to direct the Bot to those profiles that may be of interest to you. How to do?

Most of the Bot Instagram use these 5 automations:

  1. Hashtag
  2. Location
  3. Profili
  4. Commenti
  5. Unfollow

Who makes you grow more?

1. Hashtag

hashtag icon

Do you want the Bot Instagram bring you so many new followers and likes? Make team play and insert hashtags relevant for your profile and to your goals.

My suggestion, avoids hashtags dedicated to growth such as: # follow4follow, #followback, #followbackteam etc. These hashtags are abused and using them is counterproductive. You would get followers not really interested in you that they would leave at the end of the day or the following day.

So do not shoot in the pile, locate your audience and capture it with pre-set of hashtag categories. Unfortunately, the Instagram Bot with an embedded list of hashtags categorized are really rare.
But do not waste time looking for them because I found them for you and I mentioned them in my ranking.

If you do not have the automatic compilation, go to the manual and enter similar hashtag to you and your goals.

Sorry if I insist again, but there is a reason: if you add, you are not really interested in your profile or you will be doing it unfollow or it will be a passive follower, so it will never give your post like and will not look at your stories. Nobody likes to see their followers grow and not see the number of likes grow per post.

Before inserting the hashtag check theirs range, that is the total number of posts, and create a balanced list composed of generic hashtags up to the more specific ones (all of your sector).
Do you want to know if there are any
Bot Instagram that automatically calculate the reach of hashtags? Find out in mine ranking.

Increase engagement

2. Location

I start immediately from a practical example to highlight the importance of the locations during the setting of the Instagram Bot.
Are you a fashion blogger, do you have a clothing store, shoes, accessories or love fashion?
Let's say that in your city (for example Milan) there is an important event in the fashion world (for example fashion week). It will be hard for your name to appear on the list of the most exclusive parties or that you receive an invitation to a strictly private show.

What you can do is take advantage of this media event to increase your business, your followers and your likes. Find out the location of the parties and of the fashion shows enter them in the Bot Instagram and you will have a campaign 100% in target.

Ok, now that you know how much the locations are worth, always check their reach and date of posts before inserting them. Who published a photo recently it's more likely that you spare yourself because it means it's an active user.

Find the best Bot

3. Profiles

users bot instagram

You can apply the method of follow -back also adding i followers of profiles similar to yours.
You just need to bring it back into yours Bot Instagram the name of one or more profiles and the game is done. Always check how many followers have the profiles you enter in the Bot: if they have a few, the Bot will stop working after adding them all.

If you do not get big results, you can add users' followers with millions of followers.
In this case the
follow back rate will rise, but you risk having a community that is not very active towards you. I advise you to find a good middle ground in the direction of your target.

Bonus Bot


comments instagram bot

Have you ever read comments like "you made my day", "wow", "cool" etc. ? These are automatic comments left by the Instagram Bot below posts that contain a certain hashtag. This type of medium has limits: it's not under your control. There is the risk of leaving comments to posts that you would not really comment. Or you may be referred to by other users because of your fake comments. To make a comment generate follow back or like back  it must be relevant with the photo and not generic. In practice you should do it, not a bot.

Check out the alternative to automatic comments

5. Unfollow 

bot instagram unfollow

The maximum number of profiles you can have in the list of follow-up is of 7500. If you reach this limit the Instagram Bot stops because it can not add new users.

The best Instagram Bot are equipped with automatic unfollow, to avoid having to delete all the added profiles one at a time. Unfortunately, this possibility is not present in all subscriptions. Find out in my ranking which Instagram Bots offer automatic unfollow even for the basic subscription.

Clean up your profile

Bot Instagram: things to do and not do.

General advice:

    • Do not buy followers and do not buy like. You remember what happened a few years ago with Instapurge? Instagram has deleted all followers fake of all the accounts in the world. Many influencers and stars have lost millions of followers in one night. Take a look at the massacre he did Instapurge in 2014 and reflect. Buy is and does not need anything. Your Instagram profile should not depend solely on external help and must walk on your own legs. It is not paying that you become Influencer.  
    • Choose an easy to use Instagram Bot. If you pay for a service, why become a fool to understand how to use it? Choose the most user friendly Instagram Bots that help you step by step during the setting. If you want to know what they are in my ranking.
    • Respect your target. I will never tire of repeating it, but growing in target is extremely important. Avoid the Ghost Followers or passive or dormant followers, that is, all those who do not like or comment in your profile. They are just a number, smoke in the eye and lower yours engagement rate.
  • Better a few, but active. This is what the brands look at before investing in influencers: the engagement rate. It does not win who arrives first to 100.000 followers, but who arrives there with lots of like for post.
  • Wary of those who promise exaggerated growth. The Instagram Bots make you grow fast, but do not think to find yourself soon with more followers of @selenagomez.

Practical advice:

  • Check the scope of the campaign. Get help from the Instagram Bot that automatically calculate this data (find out which ones are in my ranking). Enter a dozen or more hashtags, locations and profiles: and do not think about it for at least a month.
  • Make a refresh. Change Hashtag, Location and profiles periodically. The world of Instagram is constantly evolving. Create your own database using the folders within Instagram. Save the posts of the new Influencers in your sector, the most popular locations and the most used hashtags. And as soon as you can, update your campaign on the Instagram Bot.
  • Followers must grow in proportion to the likes. If this does not happen, immediately report your campaign and do not worry if your growth will decrease slightly. It's all normal.
  • Turn off activity status. You do not want your girlfriend or boyfriend or your boss to see when you used Instagram last time ?! To avoid explanations like "It's not me, it's my Bot", go on options and disable the activity status. That's how.

Bot Instagram

Put my advice into practice

Instagram Bot: which one is right for you?

Bot Instagram Icons

Usually Bot Instagram offer subscriptions that vary depending on the number of automations or services offered. Ask yourself before choosing what kind of user are you, how often do you use Instagram and how many posts you make per day. Instagram tends to monitor the behavior of its users to find anomalies.
If you are a beginner, I suggest you limit the daily automations of your Instagram Bot, because you could be blocked. In fact, more than a block, you would suffer the temporary interruption (about 24 hours) of the function of which you have abused more between: Follow, Like and Unfollow. To not have bad surprises, do at least one or two posts every day and limit to the maximum follow, like and "manual" comments. The Instagram Bot is working in the background, so avoid overlapping it.

Choose the bot that's right for you

Basic subscription

You just signed up for Instagram or have it for a long time, but you never use it? Or your laziness prevents you from posting regularly? I suggest you choose a subscription that includes a number not too high of automations for Follow, Like and Unfollow. 


    • suitable for all types of users
    • balanced and constant growth
    • maximum number of automations tolerated by Instagram
  • for those who do a few posts a week


    • do a few posts a week
  • average growth

Grow for free for 3 days

Subscription only Like

This type of automation to increase followers is useful for different types of users. Let me explain better with some examples.

    1. Do you have a business? Do not believe that everyone is dying to do follow-back just because your Bot is active. It depends on the quality of your content and your ability to generate interest. So if your communication is not at the top, start at least to let everyone know that you exist. As? With the Like.  
  1. Be an influencer or have a popular brand and are you already followed by hundreds of thousands of users? I guess you do not want anyone to add to have a follow-back moans at the moment of the unfollow. If you care about your reputation, the Instagram Bot just like is the one for you.
  2. Are you a beautiful girl? Well, all the women are beautiful, but if you are particularly you can increase your followers even giving just Like. Give it a try.


    • your list of following does not change
    • nel muro di Instagram vedrai solo foto pubblicate dai profili che segui tu personalmente;
    • zero complaints from other users
  • organic growth


    • not suitable for everyone
  • moderate growth

Free Like for 3 days

Top subscription

Can not you live without Instagram? Do you make stories and post every day even several times a day? Perfect! You deserve a subscription from over 600 automations a day for: Follow, Like and Unfollow.


    • big and fast growth
  • suitable for those who do at least one post per day


    • not suitable for those who have just joined Instagram
    • non consigliato a chi non fa post tutti i giorni
  • not suitable for those with a profile with few followers

3 days of super free growth

Bot Instagram: alternatives to Instagress.

The Bot Instagram to increase followers and likes they are really many. Instagress's monopoly is now history. After his decline and the sudden closure by order of Instagram many of his brothers, children and grandchildren were born. Some of them have been short-lived, while others have stood out for their reliability and performance. It depends on you, your goals and how much you are willing to spend.  

How did I choose the best one?

For days I scoured the web searching for Instagram Bots and after finding 30 of them I stopped. To choose the most suitable for my test I have shredded the list doing so:

    • I've not considered the Bots not in English;
    • I have discarded those with a poorly understood interface;
  • I have excluded those too expensive.

At the end there were 9 left and I carried out a test totally impartial with a equal setting for everyone: same hashtags, same locations and same profiles. I used every Bot for 10 days for a total of 80.

Comparing the results I have drawn up the ranking and I found the best Bot Instagram of 2018. The classification criteria were, in order of importance:

  1. efficacy
  2. price
  3. user friendly
  4. features

Some Bots have disappointed expectations, others have proved to be a revelation.
If you have not done it yet, take a look at my ranking! Find out who won this year and why. And take a test too!

Find out who win immediately

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15 thoughts on “I migliori Bot Instagram: scopri la classifica 2019

    1. Ciao Ilaria, se compri follower e like in realtà compri interazioni fake da utenti fake che al tuo prossimo post non ti daranno dei like. I Pod ti fanno perdere tempo, ricerca ed energie e i risultati non sono sempre quelli sperati. Ti consiglio di usare un Bot per evitarti molte scocciature e crescere in modo organico. Dai un’occhiata alla mia classifica. Grazie.

  1. Io uso stim da un po’ di mesi ma ultimamente non funziona come deve, gli unfollow sono lenti o si bloccano…cosa devo fare?

    1. Ciao Marco, ho commentato Stim nelle mie recensioni, controlla la classifica. Se hai ancora problemi con Stim ti consiglio di provarne altri. Parti dal primo, in molti si stanno trovando bene.

  2. Complimenti per l’articolo, mi è piaciuto molto.
    Ho letto anche le recensioni dei bot nella tua classifica.
    In passato ho notato gli stessi difetti in alcuni Bot che hai menzionato.
    Ora sto provando il primo della lista e mi sto trovando bene.
    Non lo conoscevo, grazie della dritta.

    1. Ciao Martina, ti consiglio di aggiustare la mira. Attiva un abbonamento per fare solo like e imposta hashtag e location meno generici e più in target con i tuoi post. Hai dato un’occhiata alla mia classifica?

  3. Ciao, sono nuovo di instagram. Ho un profilo da un mese, ho 10 post e 20 follower, ma vorrei crescere. Posso usare un bot o devo aspettare?

    1. Ciao Andrea,
      ti consiglio di usarlo con moderazione. Dai un’occhiata alla mia classifica e parti da un abbonamento basic. Per i primi giorni stai sotto le 400 automazioni al giorno. Metti in pausa il bot ogni tanto se serve. E soprattutto fai post tutti i giorni, ti aiuterà a sfruttare meglio il lavoro del Bot.

  4. Ciao, il bot che sto usando non funziona più regolarmente. Non mi fa gli unfollow e sembra bloccato. Cosa devo fare?

    1. Ciao Francesca, Instagram sta ostacolando il lavoro dei Bot. Credo sia anche il caso del bot che stai usando.
      Ti consiglio di cancellare la tua iscrizione e provare il primo della mia classifica. Ho ricevuto feedback positivi anche da altri utenti. Quindi vai sul sicuro.

  5. Quite an interesting way to increase the audience. In my opinion, the Ingramer bot also has the ability to attract the audience, it imitates the actions of the average user

  6. Ciao, mi è capitato di usare un bot in prova per una settimana. Mi sono iscritta però poi siccome la sede era a Portland non mi veniva mandato il famoso codice a 6 cifre,quindi ho lasciato perdere. Subito dopo ho trovato un altro bot che ho provato per tre gg. Il mio problema è che da quel gg ogni gg per due volte ricevo una mail da instagram che mi dice che qualcuno vuole entrare nel mio profilo e mi fa cambiare password! Tanto mi ha infastidita la cosa che ho smesso di usare pure il bot da tre gg pensando fosse lui. Adesso sono passati cinque gg e continuo a ricevere queste mail. Sarà ancora il bot con sede a Portland che vuole entrare sul mio account ? Ti prego aiutami

    1. Ciao Marina, se continuano ad arrivarti notifiche da Instagram, il mio consiglio è di modificare username/password e di abilitare l’autenticazione a due fattori (la trovi nelle impostazioni di Instagram).

      Se riscontri ancora problemi scrivimi pure in privato (

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