Hashtags forbidden by Instagram: if you use them risk the shadowban.

Hashtag vietati

Do you know about Hashtag prohibited that Instagram forbids to use? No? So I suggest you read this article right away before doing something you may regret.

Immediately take a try, open Instagram and look for the hashtag instagram: #instagram. I bet you expect to find millions and millions of posts. Yes it is true, in the past you would have found them, but then the irreparable happened. Instagram later forbade spamming or using its hashtag. Woe to make smart by exploiting the popularity of a hashtag to post something non-inherent. Lies have short legs and carry few like.

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So if you look for the hashatag Instagram, the result will be nothing, that is this:

hahtag vietati, hashtag banned
Results #instagram

Prohibited Hashtag: what happens if you use them?

If you enter #instagram in your post, the photo will not be visible not only looking for the Instagram hashtag, but also for the other hashtags used. Yes, you understood correctly, you will suffer total censorship for committing this tremendous illicit act and you will be punished with the notorious shadowban.

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To prevent #instagram from censoring you, it will not be enough to delete it, but you will also have to delete all the other hahstag used. In a few words you have to redo the post.

Here is the list of prohibited hashtags.

As I told you, #instagram is a killer engagement. But it is not the only one. There are many other prohibited hashtags that cause very similar side effects.

Here's what it looks like if you search for #fuck

hashtag vietati
Hashtag Prohibited. Guidelines violation.

In addition to the hashtags banned because of sexual references, it is better to be wary of those too general (#iphone) or those forbidden for security reasons (#passport).

I have collected more than 200 forbidden hashtags, but the list is destined to grow. To download them click here.

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