Best Nine Instagram: here's how to make the collage 2019

Also this year, the time has come to do the personalized collage with Best Nine, or the publication of a photo collage composed of a selection of 9 most popular images of your Instagram profile.

Segui i miei consigli per creare un collage Instagram personalizzato con Best Nine e ricevere tanti like dai tuoi follower.

In just 3 steps you will have your Best Nine 2019, it's very simple! If you then followed my advice on having an Instagram profile with a strong, decisive and homogeneous image with VSCO filters, your collage will be even more impactful.

1 - Go to the site Best Nine of Instagram

Connect to the Best Nine website ( and write your Instagram username. Nothing could be easier! With this procedure you don't need a password, only your Instagram username and it's totally free. We recommend that you connect from your smartphone so that you can save the image directly to your mobile phone.


Caution, this procedure is NOT valid in the case of yours profile is private. You can still temporarily return "Public" your profile so that the Best Nine site can scan your photos and make the collage. After the procedure, you can set your Instagram profile back to "Private".

2 - Wait for the profile scan

Best Nine starts scanning your profile, making a real one ranking of the 9 images that received the most likes in the last year which is then transformed into a photo collage to be published on your Instagram profile.


Caution: this step can take several minutes (up to 10 minutes!), given the large number of connected users. Leave your browser open and wait for Best Nine to complete the scan.

3 - Your Best Nine is ready!

The scan is over, you are now ready for your Best Nine 2019! You will be able to choose the version of Original Best Nine (Original) or the compound one only from photos, without text (Square). Once selected, you can save the image in your photo gallery and then publish it on Instagram. If you are acting as an iPhone and using Safari as a browser, hold your finger on the image and then, from the drop-down menu, press on the item Save Image. If instead you are acting as an Android smartphone and you are using Google Chrome as a browser, hold your finger on the image and then press the button Download Image.


4 - Publish your Best Nine 2019 on Instagram

The time has come to publish your Best Nine on Instagram. Always use the official hashtag: #bestnine followed by the year with which you made the collage. In case you are doing the best nine 2019, then use: #bestnine2019.

Do not forget to always use the hashtags that distinguish your profile, use my technique for selecting hashtags and receiving more likes.

Not satisfied with the result? Discover other ways to make your own personalized Best Nine

One of the limitations of the site is the inability to customize the photos that make up the collage. So I'll list you two other ways to create your personalized Best Nine. You can choose the photos that make up the collage and modify them as you wish.

1 - APP Best Nine: automatic method

There are several apps to create your best nine 2019. One of them is TOP NINE for Instagram, available for free for Android and iOS. In this case, you will need to download the app, enter your Instagram username and an email. The app will automatically select the 9 most popular images of your profile that you can edit as you wish.


2 - Layout from Instagram: manual method

Do you want to completely customize your Best nine 2019? You can do it through the Layout from Instagram application.

Available for free on smartphone Android and iOS, Layout is nothing more than a complementary application to Instagram designed for the creation of photographic collages, which can be made at any time, customized in every detail and published in the popular photo social network.

layout instagram android

The first thing to do is to download the Instagram Layout application. From the app's home screen, scroll down to tutorial and press the button Startand then press the button OK to authorize access to your Photo Gallery. To make the Best Nine through this application, you must then act in a way that will select 9 photos among those in your photo gallery. It is in fact a traditional application to make collages and, unlike the traditional Best Nine tool, your Instagram profile is not scanned to look for the 9 most popular photos. On the other hand, however, by using the Layout application you will have full possibility to choose the photos to be used for the creation of this photographic collage. Then locate the photos through those in the multimedia gallery of your device. Then put a check mark on them and, using the tool, choose the composition, customize the collage layout. Keep in mind that by tapping on one of them, you will have the possibility to further modify the composition with some predefined editing tools. Once you have finished making your photo collage, press the Save button and then pressing the Instagram button, you can proceed to share your alternative Best Nine.

Ora tocca a te, crea il tuo Best Nine Instagram 2019! Posta il tuo Best Nine nei commenti, oppure scrvimi per una consulenza gratuita. A presto.

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