Instagram font: change font in bio, post and comments.

Font di Instagram

Did you know that the Instagram font can change? Maybe you've already seen some accounts use different characters than usual especially in the bio. In this article you will find out that changing the character of Instagram is much easier than you think. 

Do you want to change Instagram fonts in the bio?

There are two methods that let you change Instagram fonts. You can do it with a website or downloading an app
If your smartphone is running out of memory, but you definitely want to change font in bio I recommend a site like coolsymbol.

Cambiare font di Instagram
Change Instagram font

There are several sites like this to change Instagram's character.
All work in much the same way, here's how 3 easy step:

  1. In white space write your name, your presentation, etc.
  2. Select the font suitable for your purpose among those available 
  3. Copy the new text and paste it directly on Instagram (in the "Edit Profile" section in the "Name" and/or "Bio" fields)

If instead you love to have an app for all then I suggest you download this.

Instagram font
Font for instagram

This app, as well as being simple and intuitive also allows you to indulge yourself with symbols and decorations in order to personalize your bio even more and more. Feel free to enrich your posts and comments with everything you find in the app.
My advice is to never exaggerate: always use good taste and consistency.
I give you an example:
in posts, decorations are used to separate text from hashtags. If what you write is too short, it is anti-aesthetic to use a long frame just to push the hashtags down. Moreover, even the legibility of the text would be compromised.

Symbols Fonti di Instagram
Instagram Symbols
Font di Instagram
Instagram Decoration

Do you feel ready for a restyling of your page? Start by changing the Instagram font in the bio. Then add some symbols, but do it in moderation. If the result is interesting, it will surely lead to something good, like some follower more.

Have you found a character that you particularly like? Report it to me in the comments.

See you soon.

One thought on “Font di Instagram: cambia carattere in bio, post e commenti.

  1. articolo interessante ed utilissimo, fatto cambio di font…grazie, già lo vedo meglio!!!!
    p.s. scelto font Special il più vintage che ho trovato

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