Instagram Stories mood filters: this is how they work

With the new Instagram update, some fantastic Mood filters that you can use for your Stories have been available for a few weeks.

In another article I explained to you how to use Stories to grow your Instagram followers, but now the time has come to make your Stories unique thanks to mood filters.

The mood filters to understand each other are augmented reality effects that appear when you create your Stories and can give you predictions on what your 2020 will be like or which Star Wars character you are.

But how do the new mood filters work and how are they unlocked?

There are two methods of using all mood filters.

1 - Filters pre-installed in Instagram Stories

With the latest update, Instagram has made available a number of new filters. First, make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app, updating it if necessary from the Play Store or the App Store.

Start creating a new story by clicking on the Stories icon at the top left (the one with your profile picture and the +). At this point you will see a series of mood filters that you can scroll and try at your convenience.


What you may not know is that clicking on the name of the filter will open a menu where you can browse through thousands of filters. What do you have to do? Simple, first click on "SEARCH FOR EFFECTS”After clicking on the filter name.


At this point you can choose from thousands of Instagram mood filters and create fantastic stories. You will see that the filters are divided by category: selfies, love, colors and lights, moods, camera styles, funny, science fiction, scary and so on. For example, I tried Grainy III, Film is not Dead, Polaroid Illustra and Retro Film.


2 - Secret mood filters to be unlocked through other profiles

There is a second method for using mood filters. Do you want to know for example which Disney character you are or how this 2020 will go?

Here, to use these filters you need to go to the profile of the user who created that particular filter. For example, the creator of the Star Wars and Disney filter is the user at.augmented by Antony Tran. Go on his profile and click on the link you find in his bio. The Instagram app will automatically open in Stories mode with that filter active. At this point you can create your story and save that filter for future use.


Another profile that I suggest to you is the one on the 2020 forecasts. It's called Filippo Soccini and you just have to look for this username on Instagram: filippo.soccini. To find the filter on the 2020 forecasts, click on the highlighted story and you will find the swipe up to access.

Now you have no more excuses. Choose your mood filter and create your Instagram Stories!

See you soon.

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