Increase Instagram followers in 2020

Instagram is constantly evolving and after the upheavals of its algorithm that began a couple of years ago, it is no longer easy to increase followers on Instagram.

Yes, because until a few years ago, it was enough to use the right hashtags, a little help from the BOT and magically it reached 10,000 followers in a few weeks.

But today it is no longer so, to increase instagram followers it is necessary to act on several fronts:

  1. Building your own identity that distinguishes us from competitor profiles
  2. Have a clear strategy of content and hashtags to use
  3. Collaborate and interact with profiles similar to ours and in target
  4. Take advantage of the Instagram algorithm and its trends
  5. Use the paid levers effectively

But let's see in detail the 5 points to grow your profile and increase Instagram followers.

Build your own identity on Instagram


To grow your profile you must have a clear identity on Instagram, your profile must be well recognizable and capture the attention of the beholder. These are mainly small tricks that help you improve the image of your content and profile. That's how:

Choose your hashtags well if you want to increase Instagram followers


Let's not forget that only thanks to hashtags our posts can be seen by other users. If carefully selected, they will help you receive more likes, improve your engagement and increase your followers. Follow these simple tips:

Interact with your audience and other targeted profiles


It is important to interact with your users and above all to get noticed by the followers of the largest profiles who preside over your own niche. Instagram offers us tools like Stories, but you need to know how to use them to grow followers.

  • Use the Stories to interact with your users and to get noticed by other profiles similar to yours. Read my guide on how to use Stories to increase your followers.
  • Comment on posts of medium-large profiles who use your hashtags. Do it at least once a day and don't be banal (Amazing!) But be ironic and fun.

Study the Instagram algorithm and use it in your favor


It is true, only Instagram knows its algorithm with which it rewards certain contents and ensures that a certain profile can grow more than the others. But there are rules that have never changed:

Use paid products to increase your Instagram followers


I don't talk about Instagram ads. They are not simple to use, they are very expensive and above all ... who wants to be framed in a post with the word "Sponsored by"? There are other tools, not always recognized by Instagram but useful especially if you start from scratch or with a few hundred followers.

  • The Instagram BOT were an excellent tool for target growth but today there are very few that work and above all it takes a lot of patience. A few weeks are no longer enough to grow, take at least 6 months into account. Read my ranking on Instagram BOTS that still work.
  • Followers are your business card. The more you have, the more you attract new followers. This is why many do not have time to wait months to see their profile grow and rely on follower sales services. Don't choose randomly, read my guide on how to buy Instagram followers.

Ora tocca a te, inizia a mettere in pratica i miei consigli! Oppure scrivimi per una consulenza gratuita. Alla prossima 😉

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