VSCO filters: build your Influencer identity.

It's time to use VSCO FILTERS of VSCO CAM one of the most popular apps by Influencers, photographers and all Instagramers.  


Do you remember when I tell you about Snapseed, Polar and FaceTune? Here, after using one of the three or all three, make a last effort and open VSCO CAM. This app has become a point of reference for all those who want to have an Instagram profile with a strong, decisive and homogeneous image. Have you ever noticed that some bloggers / influencers have photos that at first glance seem all "the same"? In reality they are similar, by color, style, subjects etc. not for lack of imagination, far from one  clear communication strategy .

What color is your profile?

Finora hai sempre postato d’istinto? Allora non ti lamentare se il tuo Instagram fa dei salti mortali cromatici degni di un vero circense: foto di notte, di mattina, in penombra e un fiore rosso (così, perché era bello). Stop! Tieni a freno il tuo entusiasmo e per il bene del tuo profilo scegli la tua direzione, il tuo stile, il tuo colore. Facci caso, i profili di maggior successo hanno un stile proprio che si ripete in ogni foto, oltre a centinaia di migliaia di follower. Ricorda, lo stile e il numero di follower sono oggi il tuo biglietto da visita su Instagram!

Returning to us,ovresti fare più o meno così.




Does the girl live in a pink, desaturated white world? Do sweethearts really dive into emerald green waters with 100% natural saturation? The answer is VSCO FILTERS.

#Nofilters except VSCO FILTERS

VSCO CAM has distinguished itself with its own VSCO FILTERS among the tens and hundreds of photo editing apps thanks to the quality of the filters offered. Plus he created one community of active enthusiasts who post on VSCO's social media and on Instagram using the hashtag #vsco, #vscocam, #vscofilters etc.

The VSCO FILTERS they are called by letters and numbers. The free package provided by the app is more than enough to make a change to the image of your Instagram profile. If you want to push yourself further, take a look at the store because it's really complete.

Ok, I bet you now want one advice on which VSCO FILTERS to choose tra i tanti a disposizione e quali valori impostare nei parametri di regolazione? Niente di più facile, ti basta scrivere Pinterest Filters o VSCO FILTERS su Google e guarda cosa appare. Oppure leggi subito la lista definitiva dei BEST VSCO FILTER che ho stilato con i preset gratuiti e a pagamento più usati dagli influencer.




Now choose one of the VSCO FILTERS, applicalo in un colpo solo a tutte le foto caricate in VSCO CAM ed avrai un’anteprima della tua nuova identità. Se non hai trovato ispirazione tra questi preset, ti consiglio di leggere subito la mia lista definitiva con i BEST VSCO FILTER free and paid.

VSCO FILTERS: most common tips and mistakes.

  • Choose white from white or black. A clear and bright profile wins on a profile with dark photos, made at night or at the disco except for the artistic profiles that enjoy a sort of poetic license. So from now on wake up early and take advantage of the sunlight to make your profile shine. With a little 'constancy results will come.
  • I advise you to use VSCO FILTERS to bleach your photos for desaturate beige, brown, gray, yellow. You will get more brightness and a more fashionable look for your profile. A good alternative to white is blue or better shades of blue, cold lights, but be careful not to overdo it. The border between fashion colors and fake colors is easy to cross. Make a tweak that may be plausible and not too far from reality.
  • Use a Reflex. It is hard to admit, despite the double or triple cameras, smartphones can not reach the photographic quality of a camera. So armed with one Canon EOS 6D or similar and if you are a travel blogger do not leave for your next trip without one of the drones DJI.

Ora tocca a te. Cambia identità e modo di comunicare ed inizia a mettere in pratica i miei consigli. E se non l’hai ancora fatto, create your Best Nine with the best photos! See you soon.

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