Screenshot of the Stories: 3 methods to avoid being caught by Instagram.

Notifiche Screenshot Instagram stories

I discovered 3 methods to block notifications of Instagram Stories screenshots.  Nobody knows them, you too.  Let it bet? Keep reading and you will not regret it.


Notifications of the Instagram Stories Screenshot: SECRET METHOD NUMBER 1.

If you download Du Recorder you can avoid the notifications of Instagram Stories Screenshots and more.

Stories recorder
DU Recorder

You can record everything that appears on the screen of your smartphone without knowing who you are spying on. Record video calls, self-destruct messages, secret chat from Telegram and Snapchat. So why settle for a screenshot when you can save the Stories in full? Beautiful, is not it? Above all because you can do it as often as you want without getting caught by anyone. Ah, I forgot, if you really care, Du Recorder it also allows you to take screenshots. Always avoiding that the other person receives notifications. Du RecorderDu Recorder


Notifications of the Instagram Stories Screenshots: SECRET METHOD NUMBER 2.

To avoid the Instagram Stories Screenshot Notifications you can use a more brutal method: block the contact.

I'll explain how:

  1. fai lo Screenshot della Storia che ti interessa;
  2. blocks the Instagram contact of the user to whom you have "stolen" the story;
  3. unlock it after the "stolen" story disappears from your Instagram Stories list
 When you block the account to which you have "stolen" the story, you will automatically disappear from the list of people who viewed it.  My advice is to do the Screenshot when the story is at the end of its 24 hours of life. So you can quickly unlock the contact of the person you are spying on.


Notifications of the Instagram Stories Screenshots: SECRET METHOD NUMBER 3.

Do you want to know that is the fastest and easiest way to do the Screenshot to the Stories without being caught? Flight Mode When you are viewing a story, immediately switch to airplane mode and avoid the Screenshot of the Instagram Stories. Then go out of the story, go back online and you're done.


Notifications of the Instagram Stories Screenshots: OUTSIDER METHOD.

Get yourself one fake profile that you use only to spy on others.  So you can make all the screenshots you want and who cares if others see you! 

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See you soon.

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