Popular on Instagram? Here is the method.

In this article I will talk about the page of the Most Popular of Instagram and I will reveal the tricks to become part of the fantastic 9.

When I talk about the fantastic 9 I do not mean the extended family of the fantastic 4, but the 9 posts in the section that Instagram dedicates to the most Popular.

In my previous article I have unveiled the criteria that Instagram adopts to select the posts to highlight.

But now I want to reveal instead what strategy to use to become part of the fantastic 9!

Popular in three step:

  1. I prepare about ten popular hashtag
  2. publish the post
  3. I make a comment inserting hashtags that have a medium and medium low popularity.

I recommend: hashtag under the photo + hashtag in the comment = 30 max.

Why all this ?!

Instagram records the date and time of all the posts you make.

If publish without hashtag and then make a comment indexing your post with very popular hashtags, you will never appear first in chronological order. Result? Nobody will see you and make you like.

This happens because the most popular hashtags are abused by everyone in the world, see #love with well over a billion posts.

I use the popular hashtags during publication to immediately have a lot of visibility, to receive like immediatamenti and to highlight the Instagram algorithm.

Immediately after I proceed with the comment inserting the hashtags of medium or medium-low popularity. So I get a two-step thrust given by the teamwork of the two hashtag lists.

Se tutto va secondo i piani, Instagram mi fa accedere alla Popular page, of the less popular hashtags I've used.

If instead you have a stronger profile, you will find in the top 9 also the popular media hashtags and if you are very strong even the most popular.

Ok, now your posts will no longer have any rivals. But stay away from Selena Gomez.

And you, what method do you use to post? Tell it in the comments.

Vuoi far crescere il tuo Instagram in modo organico e veloce? Dai un’occhiata a tutte le strategie per far crescere il tuo profilo.

Spero che questo articolo ti sia stato utile. Scrivimi e ne riceverai tanti altri in anteprima.

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